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The Wrath of a Belief

Photo by Jan Canty on Upsplash

I believe I can achieve anything. I also believe that I can acquire things with conscious effort over prolonged periods of time. I also think that it is crucial for me to look after my actions, making sure they come under the "sophisticated" umbrella of righteousness and justice. My belief is what drives me and keeps me stable in difficult times. When circumstances are difficult and when it seems that the universe is passing a judgment on the very actions I take, my beliefs remain. The inherent ability of a belief is that it is a thought at first, and I give power to that thought with the abstraction of various scenarios, which might include experiences, personal ideas, cultural know-how and spiritual calling. At the end of the day, belief is highly powerful, it holds the power to change a person's life and it can also fill in the empty void which a person might experience when they are going through a rough patch in their life.

I think about life very logically and practically and when it comes to the topics of beliefs and spirituality, logic and practicality don't have many answers. Instead, I do get some overall viewpoints from this type of thinking pattern but it is usually very difficult to understand the crux of it. I have experienced that beliefs can be a source of vital energy which has given me the support to stand up again and again despite the failures I faced, but how it manifests or work in practical life is very difficult to comprehend. Or at least, I am not able to understand it to this point.

Here I am talking about beliefs, where my logical and practical mind is even questioning the existence of beliefs. Anything abstract is not understood by a straightforward and action-reaction mindset of a practical mind which becomes difficult when belief might possibly be the one option which may hold the key to immense possibilities, nonconforming with the rules of logic.

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