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The Peace of Addictions

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Addictions are everywhere. Someone is addicted to something and if they are not, they are truly doing an excellent job living this thing called life. People often misunderstand what an addiction holds or look at it with a taboo mindset.

The title of this post is here to stop, prevent and maybe even mock the rather special and dark standard addictions are given and make them stand out in the open as something very monotonous. I am here to challenge people's mindset regarding the functioning of addictions and why they are frowned upon as if they constitute the worst attributes of an individual.

Addictions are there, everywhere in everyone, in one form or another. Yet, people fail to recognize the very essence of its manifestations. Someone is addicted to drugs and alcohol while others are addicted to money and sex. Now, the most politically correct thing to say is that addictions to drugs and alcohol are bad and being addicted to money and sex is not so bad when comparing it with the former. It's not the case. The things that make things addictive are the reactions to the activities that individuals undertake.

People are here, they are living and they are addicted to their living patterns. Their daily habits, that's what they are addicted to. Their own solutions to their problems, that's what they are addicted to.

That is why I want to emphasize the title of this post as "the peace of addictions" because everyone is happy and well when they are living in their daily peaceful habits, while in fact they are addicted.

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