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The Parallel Walk of Progress and Destruction

Art by Iwa on dribbble

It happens continuously and reluctantly in a ruthless fashion, it destroys what exists within and induces pain and pleasure simultaneously. It is the curer and allows newer creations to be built on top of the destroyed self. Ambition is its fuel and circumstances are the measures of its intensity. It is often self-induced but people go through it unwillingly as well. It is the inevitable condition of human existence which recognizes the change in the positive direction which is called progress.

Progress is the upliftment from what was and what existed to something newer and better. It is the by-product of effort and hard work and answers to problems of the self. Progress always carries an element of pain with it. Although, the creation associated with progress is often the fruit of the work which brings happiness, but with the creation of something new comes the destruction of something old. It is often hard to let go of what already existed in the settled world, with all its benefits and peace. And that is when progress becomes difficult to induce, even more so to inculcate.

The point of new creations requires the destruction of the older in many ways. A young individual, say for example, goes through rigorous self-cutting and sculpting to make themselves eligible for what is out there, in the world. A tremendous amount of knowledge is gained contemporarily through educational institutions and the Internet, and other forms of training are also adopted for further enhancement of the brain and body to ensure the person becomes a productive member of society. Such a go-through is always a joy ride if the individual knows how to let go of the old and embrace the new with sincerity. Yet it becomes difficult again and again to let go of those associations, feelings, desires, memories, situations, connections and achievements.

I strongly feel that the more a person is ambitious, the more they want to progress and simultaneously it involves greater creation. And to be someone outside or to create something in the material realm, the inside needs to be purified and the purification often infuses destruction as its predominant element. The destruction of what you were and how you were to establish that new face of the individual for the world to see.

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