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A Billion Times

Photo by grayom on Unsplash

Let there be a failure a billion times. Let there be opportunities to learn and grasp the vast and complex ways to fail. As and when the failure occurs, I shall know where I can fail only to understand one more way to not succeed. Let me be sculpted by the failures, so as to become capable to know the ways to succeed.

Let me suffer a billion times, understand suffering to its core, only to thereby know the value of enjoyment and the value of simple things. Let me feel the pain of suffering, the suffering of relationships, the suffering of existence, the suffering of the things lost and even the suffering of things earned. As and when it shall occur, I shall know what it means to enjoy.

Let the feelings be felt a billion times, be it sadness or be it joy, let them come to me with all their might and all their feel. They would be there to let me know that I can feel, that I carry emotions and that I am human after all. Let those feelings be extreme only to force me to go numb from any feeling as feeling anything would feel like pain and therefore the best option left would be to feel anything but nothing.

Let me be distracted a billion times, from so many things in the world, let me get lost from my path again and again. Only to learn so many paths that are just connected with my own path. Only to learn the effects of losing focus and only to learn the importance of focus.

Let my questions be answered a billion times, in a billion different ways, so that I can learn to answer the same question in a variety of ways. Let the curiosity remain and with that curiosity comes the urge to understand. Let me understand a billion times.

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